Affiliate Disclosure

1. What is an Affiliate Ad?

An affiliate partnership is an arrangement between a publisher and a service provider that offers paid compensation to a publisher when a visitor clicks through to the provider’s site and purchases goods or services. An affiliate ad is a placement of an advertisement for that purpose.

Many of the casinos, sportsbooks or poker rooms that you see listed at this site offer us compensation for sending them interested players.

2. Using an Affiliate Link Will Not Increase Your Cost

If you visit one of our advertisers through one of our links, you will get the same pricing and value proposition that you would get otherwise, and maybe even more. Actually, we often strike exclusive deals with advertisers on behalf of our visitors to get a better deal. In any event, clicking through one of our affiliate links helps to support this site, at absolutely no cost to you.

3. We are Very Picky about Ad Partners

We choose to work only with sites that are legal and regulated in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and other legalized and regulated US online gaming markets. In addition, we hold our advertisers to a high standard of honesty and integrity. And we routinely review the services of these brands to make sure they are still worthy of our visitor’s trust.

4. Our Editorial Integrity Comes First

We take pride in applying tough editorial standards to our rankings of the operators we cover. We do not offer a pay-for-position type arrangement, but instead, use our own objective standards in reviewing the casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms in this market.

5. Which of our ads are Affiliate Links?

Although not all of our ads are affiliate ads, the structure of any particular advertising arrangement is subject to change. As a result, you should assume that any link that you click to another site may be part of an affiliate arrangement.

6. Why Even Mention All This?

Transparency allows trust, and we are committed to creating a long-term trusted information source for the online gaming community. Affiliate marketing is truly a win-win-win situation: This site benefits from having an income stream; the advertisers get new customers through their exposure here; and you, the visitors, get the benefit of the ongoing development of free information and resources. That’s a pretty good deal all around.