Omaha Poker 2024: Variants & Tips

While many variations of poker have been invented over the years, few have gained as much popularity as Omaha poker. The action-packed game keeps the attention of gamblers and professionals alike, both for its complex strategy and the opportunity to gamble big and win even bigger.

The game that first gained its popularity in European poker circles is now the second most popular in the world, only behind Texas Hold’em, the preferred game of the masses. We explore the history of the game, its best players, and the current and future situation of both online and live Omaha poker games.

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Omaha Poker Variations

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History of Omaha Poker

While the exact origins of the game of Omaha poker are not known, it is clear that the game was first introduced into a live casino setting by Bill Boyd who offered the game at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas. The game was called Nugget Hold’em and was in fact a form of what we now call Omaha.

In general, the term Omaha refers to a Hold’em poker game in which players must use exactly two of their hole cards to make their poker hand. There are many variations of Omaha poker, with two, four, five, or even six-hole cards dealt to every player, but in each of them, the player must use two-hole and three community cards to make a five-card hand.

Omaha poker rules resemble those of Texas Hold’em greatly, with hand rankings being identical and the same kind of betting patterns used. However, the game of Omaha is often played in a pot limit version, due to its highly volatile nature, which causes pots to get very big, very fast.

Omaha Poker in Europe and Beyond

There is no exact trace as to when Omaha poker was invented, but there is no doubt that it is a derivation of the game of Texas Hold’em, which is why it is often called Omaha Hold’em as well. The game became very popular in Europe following the poker boom, with many European players simply looking for even more action than Texas Hold’em could provide.

The popularity of Omaha in Scandinavia and the incredible success of Scandinavian poker players on the international poker scene soon brought Omaha out of the shadows and into mainstream poker circles. Soon, high-stakes players could not get enough Omaha and, the game became nearly as popular as Texas Hold’em in cash games.

The greater number of Omaha poker combinations naturally leads to more opportunities to play hands and thus more opportunities for players to gamble and get involved. This is why Omaha is often played as part of the biggest mixed games in the world, with some of the best players out there being experts in the format.

Omaha before the Poker Boom

While Omaha certainly got most of its popularity after the poker boom in the early 2000s, the game was around a long time before that. There were plenty of Omaha poker books available in the years before this, with the likes of Doyle Brunson writing chapters on the game in their popular books.

However, the game was only ever played as part of the high-stakes mixed games and very rarely in a tournament format. Today, Omaha poker tournaments are the norm with at least one such tournament organized at every major stop of all the big poker tournament series.

Top 3 Omaha Poker Players

As we already mentioned, Omaha poker has been around for a while, but the best players of the game are mostly young and upcoming players who have specialized in this game format. These are three of the biggest names in Omaha poker today who you should look out for if you ever decide to go out and play the game at a big poker tournament or cash game:

Phil Ivey

Widely considered to be the best all-round poker player in the world, Phil Ivey is no stranger to the game of Omaha. Back in the days of Full Tilt Poker, Ivey would often take on the other best players in the world and high stakes Omaha poker online, with lots of success, as he has won millions of dollars in these games.

In recent years, Ivey has not been playing many of the major tournaments and televised games but was rumored to be playing some of the biggest games in the history of poker in Asia, many of which were Omaha poker games, with millions up for grabs.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom

An internet phenom who made a name for himself by turning a small deposit into millions of dollars playing online poker, Isildur1 was best known for his pot limit Omaha game. Back in the mid-2000s, Blom took on the likes of Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey at the online poker tables and won millions of dollars in super high cash games, leaving the world wondering who the young Swede really was.

His identity was only revealed later and he continued to impress the world by crushing both online and live poker events all over the world. While Viktor plays both Hold’em and Omaha, the latter is certainly his favored game of choice.

Patrik Antonius

Former tennis player and model, Patrik Antonius is the kind of player everyone wishes they were. Always calm in the face of adversity, Antonius has won over $10.000.000 in online poker games alone, a big chunk of that coming from Omaha poker games.

In live poker, Patrik can be seen playing the highest stakes mixed games as well as naked pot-limit Omaha games frequently in Las Vegas, Monaco, and many other cities around the world as he tours the globe looking for the next big poker game.

Top 3 Omaha Poker Game Events

Omaha poker has become one of the most popular formats of the game of poker in general and it has translated to tournament poker fairly well. We look at the three top Omaha poker tournaments that you can join and try your skills in.

$10.000 PLO Championship (WSOP)

World Series of Poker is the world’s biggest stage and players from all over the world come to Las Vegas to square up in all forms of poker. One of the most anticipated tournaments of the series for professional players is certainly the $10.000 PLO Championship, in which they get to butt heads and play one of the most complex poker games out there.

If you are looking to learn how to choose your Omaha poker starting hands and how to play the game in general, watching the pros play in this event is probably the best way to do it. On top of being extremely prestigious, the event also carries a massive prize for the winner, often exceeding $1 Million.

$50.000 Poker Players’ Championship (WSOP)

The $50.000 Poker Players’ Championship is considered to be the most prestigious event of the years by many pros. The 10 games format of the competition makes it a tournament that can only be won by a player who is proficient in all forms of poker, including Omaha Poker.

Along with other games, players must play rounds of pot-limit Omaha and limit Omaha poker high-low, making it a perfect tournament for Omaha experts to jump into. Of course, in order to really excel, players must also play other game formats such as draw poker and stud poker at a high level.

Other Omaha Tournaments

Aside from the WSOP Omaha poker tournaments, there are hundreds of other online and offline events being held around the world. While none of them carry the same significance or popularity as major Texas Hold’em tournaments, playing a good game of Omaha is what makes many players a lot of money.

The fact that players usually play Omaha only for fun and as a side game makes Omaha poker tournaments extremely profitable to play in. If you are looking to join the action, simply look for an Omaha event at any EPT, WPT, or another tournament stop and you are more than likely to find it on the schedule.

Where Can You Play Omaha Poker

The online poker world is teaming up with Omaha games. You can play by downloading an Omaha poker app to your mobile device or joining one of the many poker sites that offer the game. You can even play Omaha poker free online for practice, so simply pick one of the sites and sign up for a completely free account to get right into the action.


Top Omaha Poker Questions & Answers

How do I play Omaha poker?

Omaha poker is very similar to Texas Hold’em in most ways, with one major difference. Regardless of the number of hole cards you are dealt, you will always have to use two hole cards and three community cards to make up your poker hand, unlike Texas Hold’em where you can use any number of cards from either.

What is the pot limit in Omaha poker?

Pot limit Omaha is the most frequently played form of Omaha poker. This format is played with four hole cards dealt to every player and betting in every round capped at the current size of the pot. Additional raises can be made on every betting street, every time to the maximum tune of the pot.

How to play Omaha poker Hi-Lo?

Omaha Hi Lo is a form of Omaha in which the pot is split between a high hand and a low hand. The low hand is the lowest possible combination of cards that do not make up a straight or a flush. The low hand is usually capped at eight, which means only cards lower than an eight can count for the low hand.

When was Omaha poker invented?

It is not clear when Omaha poker was invented, but we know that it was played before the poker boom and grew in popularity along with Texas Hold’em in the 2000s. Today, Omaha is one of the most popular forms of poker, second only to Texas Hold’em.

Can I play Omaha Poker online?

Absolutely. Pot Limit Omaha is one of the most commonly found poker games in online poker sites and can usually be played for a variety of stakes, ranging from super small ones to the nosebleed ones. Some of the top poker players of our time made their name playing online PLO games.


Omaha poker is one of the most popular and most fun games you could possibly play. If you are looking for an action-packed and adrenaline-infused game, you will not go wrong by choosing Omaha. Fortunately for you, we have plenty of material to help you learn all about Omaha poker hands you should play and we will point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a place to play. Join one of the top Omaha poker sites today and start learning the game with no risk involved.



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