Black Chip Poker Review

Black Chip Poker is another US-friendly online poker room that has been online since 2012 on its current network. The company which is behind this site is registered on the island of Costa Rica. In addition to offering its service including loads of online poker games and poker tournaments to US bettors, the operator also accepts players from many other countries.

There are several important questions that players should ask before registering here which we cannot recommend including who owns Black Chip Poker and whether this operator is legit in the United States. The company which operates the brand has been present in the industry since 2009 while in 2012, Blackchip Poker joined the extremely popular Winning Poker Network. This move surely opened many doors for this back-then small poker site.

While the operator’s poker software is among the most favorite, and most highly rated among US bettors, its legitimacy-related issues prevent us from recommending it. One of the biggest issues related to its legitimacy is the operator’s lack of proper licensing to offer its product in the United States. Therefore, the answer to the previous question is Blackchip Poker legal in the USA has to be no, for as long as the operator fails to obtain state-issued licensing.

  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming is possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Black Chip Poker Legal or Not in the US?

Further in this Blackchip Poker review, we take a look at the operator’s licensing issues which are very much persistent since the operator’s emergence on the online gaming scene. Those who wonder is Black Chip Poker is legit will find their answers in the federal and local laws posed by the US iGaming governing agencies which do not only strictly manage the online poker industry, but also all other sites which offer real-money wagering to US residents.

First of all, there are several primarily federal laws that regulate the industry’s operations including the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and Interstate Wire Act. These laws have been active since 2006 and 1961 respectively. Until May 2018, there was another major federal law named the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which has been stricken down by the US Supreme Court.

Those still active federal laws mentioned before primarily focus on challenging the finances of non-licensed offshore sites. Moreover, the UIGEA also made it a criminal offense for United States-based firms to process funding of offshore betting sites. Hence, such online platforms generally turn to non-regulated, often times unsafe cryptocurrencies as their main deposit and withdrawal options.

While these laws have had rather limited success in preventing offshore operators from offering their services, they have been very effective when it comes to disrupting their finances. Then, there is also the Federal Wire Act or the Interstate Wire Act which basically criminalizes the usage of any kind of wire communications for playing real money wagers on such platforms. In this sense, the answer to the question is Black Chip Poker is illegal has to be yes.

Is Black Chip Poker Scam? This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play Here

While many bettors praise the operator’s selection of games, its bonuses and promotions offered and other possible perks which emerge, the bottom line is that registering for an online account here comes with rather avoidable, very much unnecessary risks and dangers. First of all, every non-licensed and unregulated offshore operator including the one we discuss here cannot offer its players the necessary fair play and transparency guarantee.

This is one of the most important ingredients for a safe and reliable online gaming experience. Without this ingredient, players cannot rest assured that their money nor their credit card, or other finances-related information is safe and protected. In addition to risking their money, bettors also risk having their credit or debit cards getting closed as it is not legal to send funds to offshore operators from the United States.

  • Play games with a licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

In the case of the online payment aimed at such operators getting denied, it is probably due to the UIGEA acting on its strict regulations. Moreover, without the necessary data encryption technology properly integrated, bettors also risk their private information being stolen and later on used for fraudulent activities. In the case of this happening, no governing body can help them solve this matter as offshore operators are not regulated by such agencies.

Since they are not regulated nor licensed, they can decide to shut down their operations suddenly at any time without any warning. In this case, players are the ones taking the biggest hit once again. In some cases, playing at such platforms means unintentionally supporting tax evasion which once again is one federal law violation. All in all, with such a great variety of legal, fully state-licensed options out there, it does not make any sense to join offshore poker rooms.

Black Chip Poker Legit or Not: All you need to know

Further, we objectively explore what the operator offers in terms of its Black Chip Poker mobile service, its bonuses and promotions, banking methods, customer support service, Rakeback and freeroll events, match deposit bonuses, gaming selection, and poker tournaments. This does not mean that we recommend registering here, but we just want to be fair and objective in our judgment.

Game Types & Tournaments: Loads of Tournaments

Unlike other similar real-money wagering online platforms out there, Black Chip Poker is only an online poker site without a sportsbook, live betting events, live casino, and traditional casino games. In other words, the operator only focuses on online poker games. As a part of the Winning Poker Network, this poker room offers a fairly solid selection of poker games including:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • 7-Card Stud
  • No-Limit Hold’em
  • Pot-Limit Omaha

All in all, all of the major poker games are surely covered with both no-limit and pot-limit options among many others. When it comes to the operator’s poker tournaments, players can join loads of Sit and Go’s, Re-Buy, Re-Entry, Knock Out as well as Sit and Go satellite tournaments which feature loads of tables for all bankrolls. The majority of these events and games can be accessed using the Blackchip Poker mobile which is always a plus. However, some players complain about too slow gaming sessions with technical difficulties.

Bonus & VIP Program: Generous Welcome Bonus Among Other Offers

For its new players, the operator has prepared one completely free seat in its popular $250-worth New Freeroll event for new depositors. The welcome bonus also includes a 100% match deposit bonus worth up to USD 1,000. Furthermore, players who deposit between Sunday and Thursday also get a ticket to the operator’s Saturday freeroll event.

Moreover, there are some bonuses and promotions which require the Bonus Chip Poker bonus code to be received. Other than this, punters can also try the operator’s 7-Day No Rathole Tables offer that brings USD 1,000 to get them started. The majority of these offers can be accessed via the operator’s download platform, its app, or directly from the website. While the offer is generally solid, it cannot be compared to what other bigger names offer.

Payment Methods: Solid Selection of Banking Options

Unlike many other offshore operators active in the United States, this poker room accepts traditional deposit and withdrawal options in addition to common Bitcoin banking means. Some of the banking options available include e-wallet services, Checks, and wire transfers. Each of these options comes with a minimum and maximum payout and deposit limitations.

Moreover, using some withdrawal options comes with higher transactional fees which can get quite high. Even though the selection of banking options is rather solid for an offshore platform, punters from the United States are generally forced to use Bitcoin without other options available. Considering the nature of Bitcoin with often fluctuations, using this method is far away from the best, safest option.

Software / Usability: Minimalistic, User-Friendly

When designing its website, the theme working behind the scenes surely wanted to keep things as simple as possible, and considering what they have done, they have managed to make its vision come to life.

The homepage looks rather minimalistic with several different sections including active tournaments, real-money cash games, a customer support section, elite or VIP benefits, and ongoing bonuses and promotions. Here, players can also easily download the Black Chip Poker client. While the website’s design and functionality are on point, some customers complain that it may be too simplistic for their liking.

Player Pool & Poker Network: Decent Player Pool for a Member of the Winning Poker Network

As previously mentioned, this poker room is a member of the popular Winning Poker Network which definitely adds more credibility to its overall reputation. Thanks to its gaming perks offered, the poker room has a rather solid player pool, but it still cannot be compared to the traffic that some of the leading brands in the industry enjoy every day.


Is Black Chip Poker Illegal & Other FAQs

Is Black Chip Poker legit?

Without the necessary licensing to offer its product in the USA, this poker room is not legit in this sense even though it has many US players registered here who have had solid experiences with gaming here. Despite the past, the future doesn’t look too bright for BCP in the USA.

Is Black Chip Poker scam?

There have been reports on quite suspicious activities done by the operator in the past although nothing too serious has happened, at least not yet. Either way, since the operator does not comply with all industry’s standards and legal requirements, it may scam its players in some way.

Does Black Chip Poker have a mobile app?

Yes, the operator’s gaming selection, tournaments and other features can be accessed using its mobile gaming service. The mobile app is definitely not of the highest quality although it does the trick for some players looking to play on the go, especially if just wanting to play a single table.

Can I face legal consequences for registering at this online poker room?

It is possible to face legal issues for playing here depending on your state’s local laws. However, no player was ever prosecuted for turning to offshore operators as the federal and local laws aim towards prosecuting operators, not players. Still, you’re safer by completely staying away from these rooms.

Is it safe to use Bitcoin as my banking option?

No, not at all. Despite the common belief, using digital currencies including Bitcoin is not the safest option despite its greater anonymity offered. For one, bitcoin isn’t nearly as anonymous as some might think. Secondly, there are other risks involved with using this method that can lead to loss of money.


Better Stay Safe Than Be Sorry

All in all, it comes down to staying wise, doing your research, and thinking twice before registering at an offshore poker operator. As mentioned several times, it is better to be cautious than be sorry once troubles emerge for taking unnecessary risks related to choosing an unlicensed, unregulated poker room.

Thanks to the upcoming changes bringing new regulations which make it possible for state-licensed poker rooms to finally open their doors, US bettors have a variety of legal options to choose from  Those who want to stay on the right side of the law should check our guide on fully legal, regulated online poker sites that accept American players.

7.6 Total Score

Game types & tournaments
Bonus & VIP Program
Payment methods
Software / usability
Player pool & poker network
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