Poker Calculator and Usage

According to various gaming historians, the poker game was developed and first played during the 19th Century in the United States. The game is played with 4 players betting on each other’s hand with a deck of 20 cards. It soon gained popularity around the world as it was later referred to as a “commonplace recreational activity” in the 20th Century. Later in the 21st Century, the poker game experienced a huge breakthrough as it gained its way to online platforms. This means that the game soon became a spectator game of recreation.

Due to the changes made over the years, the game’s popularity across the globe, and the complexities of the poker game, the Poker Calculator was introduced. The calculator was used either through statistical or probability means in order to achieve its purpose. The Poker Calculator is just as important as online Poker games itself. This is because the Poker Calculator is the tool used to calculate as well as determine the chances of either losing or winning the game. It also helps to derive the player’s chance of tying the poker hand.

Everything you Need to Know about Poker Calculator
  • It is regarded as extremely accurate
  • The probability or statistical means can be used to derive your chance as a player
  • The poker calculator shows your position
  • The probability of hitting a particular hand at a showdown for you is displayed
  • It is used to review poker hands

Poker Calculator Explained

A poker Calculator is an algorithm that is used in calculating a player’s winning or losing ratio or probability. As stated earlier, this tool is very essential to the game. It is important to note that Poker Calculators are in three different forms. These forms are:

  • Poker Odds Calculator
  • Poker Relative Calculator
  • Poker Advantage Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator 

This can also be referred to as the “betting odds calculator”. It is one of the popular sort-after poker calculating devices that poker players prefer to use while playing the poker game. It is a piece of software that allows the player insight into possible outcomes of the game being played. This means that he or she can run a hypothetical situation of cards at the poker table with the poker odd calculator in order to see his or her chances of winning. Over the years, this software has been applauded as it gives players an edge over one another.

Poker Relative Calculator

This is used during tournaments and other big poker shows. It is usually for the audience as it is not advisable for poker players to go by the Poker Relative Calculators while playing the game. This is because two or more poker hands are required at the same table. However, the Poker Relative Calculators just like other Poker Calculators also provide an accurate assessment of a player’s possible chance of winning the game. In essence, the Poker Relative Calculator displays a player’s chance of winning as relative to another player’s chance.

Poker Advantage Calculator 

With this calculator, a player’s winning chance is described in a locked domain as it calculates the player’s winning ratio and normalizes it to the number of players. The value that is provided with the Poker Advantage Calculator is between “-100% and +100%. “For example, if a player’s advantage is +100%, the player will win the game irrespective of the number of players. Also, if the player has -100%, he or she will lose the game.

Tips on How to Use Poker Calculator

The following are the major tips and guides on how to use the Poker Calculator: –

  • Be familiar with the variation of Poker that you have chosen to play
  • Select the variation of the Poker you wish to play on the calculator
  • Select the cards that you have
  • The cards will appear in your hands
  • Select the two cards from your first opponent’s
  • Rather than selecting your opponent’s cards, you could alternatively select your own cards and randomly fill in all the other player’s cards through the “Randomize Cards Button”
  • After dealing cards to all players, click on center cards to deal the Turn, Flop, and River.
  • The overall odds will start to calculate while dealing the cards

Common Types of Poker Programs

One of the facts that make the Poker Calculator interesting and easy to use is that Poker Calculate can be accessed online and on mobile platforms. This means that they are downloadable Calculator Apps. The following are the three most common and popularly known Poker Programs that aid the development and winning chances of a player based on such player’s ability:

  • Odds Calculators
  • Equity Calculators
  • Analyzers

Odds Calculators

Poker Odds Calculators are used with the Poker Room software during the game in order to have access to every aspect of each hand. This means the software is privy to not only the cards on the board. It also has access to the player’s hole cards, the size of the bet, and also to many more as the game goes on.

Mathematical Odds Calculator 

This is one of the popular and typical types generally used by Poker players. Hand odds, Bets, and Pot size is calculated and then measured against the player’s position, and pocket card strength. Usually, this type of Poker Odds Calculator is referred to as the “foundation of other Poker Odds Calculators.”

Empirical Odds Calculator

It is the most common type used. This type of Poker Odds Software monitors and records the attitude of other players at the table. This will go a long way to help the player using the device to have a whole new level of information about the opponent. He or she can tell from the attitude or expression of the other player what card to draw while playing the game.

Operative Odds Calculator

This type of Poker Odds Calculator is a combination of a Mathematical Odds Calculator and an Empirical Odds Calculator. The Operative Odds Calculator collects and monitors the table’s action, and gathers a detailed database of the players (even your future opponent information). This will go a long way to give you access to your opponent’s information such as their playing styles, hand selections, and so on.

The overall benefit of these Poker Odds Calculators is that they give you advice on the best step to take after processing the information. This is more like having a poker companion who has your best interest in talking with you.

Equity Calculators

Equity Calculator just as the name sounds is a Poker Program that allows the player the opportunity to create specific match-ups between two different hands. This goes a long way to determining the possible chances of winning the pots. The Equity Calculator also allows you to choose cards that you know will not be dealt on the board for one reason or the other. These cards are usually referred to as the “Dead Cards.” Another major feature of this Calculator is the opportunity to choose the cards that will appear on the board so as to find out the winning chances of each hand at the various stages of the game.


The Analyzers are the Poker Programs that record every play that you make as a frequent online player. After recording them, they show them to you in tables and graphs. Another name for Analyzers is Game Trackers. The Game Tracker is perfect for recording winnings or losses accurately as well as pointing out leaks in the game. Another thing to note is that the Game Analyzers are stationed mainly for frequent players.

Get the Poker Operator that is Suitable for You

Now that you have firsthand information and guidance about the various Online Poker Calculators, all you need to do is search for the one that suits you best. You can search on our website to check the suitable Poker operator for you. Two important things that you should take note of while choosing the most suitable Poker Calculator for yourself are the following:

  • Player’s Ability: This is simply the player’s capability or potential. This ranges from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Playing Frequency: This has to do with how often you wish to play the Poker game and how often you intend to use the Poker Calculator.

Make use of our poker sites list to find the best operator for you.


Weigh Your Odds and Risks

Now that you know all about Online Poker Calculators and the numerous benefits you stand to enjoy during the course of playing the Poker games, it is time you pulled the best Poker Calculator for you to your side and keeps winning the game!



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