Online Poker Computer: Laptop or Computer?

Online poker is easily one of the best ways to bet and make money while having fun. While it is a typical gaming activity for adults, the legal online poker age must be reached to be qualified to play. Almost everyone on the planet has access to a computer, and you can already guess that owning one is a prerequisite if you want to indulge in online poker. With all the many things like online poker cheating and online poker bots that players have to worry about, an inadequate or barely functional computer shouldn’t make it to the list. There are so many downsides when it comes to getting stuck with a lousy computer during an online poker game, and you’ll learn about them, and how to get the best computer for online poker as you read on.

Everything to Know About Online poker computer
  • A slow or bad online poker computer can ruin a player’s chances of winning
  • Getting a good computer is essential for every serious poker player
  • Choosing the right computer for online poker is easy

Why every poker player needs the right online poker computer

Almost anyone who needs to use a computer can gain access to one, but not every computer is suitable for every purpose. If you want to play online poker, you already know that without a computer, you may just be wasting precious time instead of playing to earn big. But then, even when you have a computer, if it isn’t the right one you may not get the best streaming experience.

As an online poker player, there are so many things that bother you about the game. From wanting to become a professional poker player to wondering about the best free online poker sites, and online poker cheating, dealing with an online poker computer that isn’t good enough for your level of gameplay is the fastest way to get frustrated and lose more than you gain. Some of the problems you will deal with as a poker player without the best system setup include missing out on great opportunities, getting thrown into tilt mode countless times, and having to make rash and costly decisions. Therefore, an online poker player must get the best online poker computer setup.

Laptop vs. Desktop: monitor size?

The first decision you’ll need to make is to decide whether a laptop or desktop computer will be perfect for what you need. Both devices are capable of giving you the necessary system requirements to seamlessly run online poker software, but if you go for a laptop instead of a desktop computer, you have mobility as an advantage and also the chance to pick a separate screen that is of appropriate size.

Serious online poker players are crazy about multi-tabling. And the more multi-tabling you would like to do, the bigger the screen size you’ll have to go for to ensure ease of switching between tabs.

If you are all about mobility, so that you can play poker on the go, the best option for you is a laptop. A 21” screen is on the big side and also very pricey, but if you can afford it, it is an excellent option for any serious poker player. On the flip side, if you’ll be playing most of your online poker at home, you should set up a desktop computer that has a big screen, and a higher resolution.

When picking a monitor for your desktop setup, you can go as large as 27” or even higher. However, it is essential to go for one with a resolution that tally with the screen size. One thing you must bear in mind is that HD is compulsory, and if you have enough money to invest in a monitor, going for one with a 4k resolution isn’t a bad idea, however, for those on a budget, at least multi-tabling.

Mac or Windows

It all boils down to your preference. For someone like me, who has always been a fan of windows, I will recommend it to anyone who asks. But then, lovers of mac swear by it when it comes to picking an online poker computer. The good news is that all the major online poker sites have optimized platforms for both mac and windows, so you can choose to stick to what you prefer and what you know how to use best.

Online poker computer system features

The system is considered an essential aspect of picking an online poker computer. This is the reason why I would suggest that any person who wants to get a computer for online poker spends enough time shopping around before they make a final pick. You will need an adequate hard drive, a fast enough processor, a quality graphics card, and enough RAM.

  • Processors: These days, we can agree that at the top of the line is the Inlet Pentium i7 processor, but it is very pricey and can be avoided by online poker players who can’t afford it. A pure i5 core should work just fine for you. Do well to stay away from generic models.
  • Hard Drive: You will come across two different types of hard drives when you go shopping for an excellent online poker computer. The two models are the new Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD) and the standard Hard Drive (HD ). Buying a system with the SSHD will be very expensive, but it is worth the investment. They are superfast, a lot more stable, and reliable, and will only take a few seconds to boost up your system.
  • RAM: RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory, and it is a part of your computer that keeps all your previously accessed information so that you can have easy access to them whenever you want without having to reload it over and over. An online poker player does not necessarily need so much RAM, but if you plan to run lots of applications, the more RAM available to you, the faster your computer will be. 8-16GB is the right RAM size for online poker.
  • Graphics Card: When it comes to the graphic card for your online poker computer, try not to mince. You can invest good money on everything else, but it won’t be worth the money spent if you go for a low-quality graphics card. If you choose to go for the NVIDIA GTX 970 or 980 graphics cards, it will be worth every single penny you spend. If you have about $220, you can quickly get an AMD RADEON R9 380, and that is a terrific deal for people on a tight budget. But if you have enough cash to spare, purchase the GTX 970.

Where to find the best online poker operator

It is normal to have tons of questions in mind when you want to play online poker for the first time. Issues like where to play crypto poker? How to win at poker, and of course, where to find the best online poker computer will cross your mind.  But that is why we are here to provide answers and guide you every step of the way till you win big at poker.

Remember that investing in an excellent online poker computer is entirely worth it if you want to enjoy the profitability of online poker. Because you won’t suffer the issues that come along with not having the right tools to work properly. Choose wisely.

Again, once you completed your purchase head to our page dedicated to the best crypto poker sites and find the right poker room for yourself.


Set up your online poker computer and start earning

Online poker is very profitable, but you need an excellent computer to reap its benefits. While it is true that you can gain access to a computer without trying too hard, not just any computer is good enough for online poker. There are some essential things to look out for when buying a computer for online poker if you must get your system set upright. Whatever your budget is, there is something good enough for you when it comes to getting the best quality online poker computers. What are you waiting for? Get a computer and start playing.



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